About Us

Animal Advocacy is one not-for-profit person, nested in an inspiring network of charitable, government, public and networking organisations, volunteers and individuals. We’re all part of that network!

I’m primarily involved in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) and animal transportation, but I do seem to end up doing a bit of fostering and rehoming in the process. And networking. And information provision. There’s always something!

Ongoing Projects

Upcoming Projects

Blanket TNR

Wonderful though TNR is, it’s not a solution unless every cat in an area is neutered. Simply neutering one or two colonies will not prevent the growth of the general population in the long term (though it will surely help the health and longevity of the ones neutered!). Blanket TNR, involves neutering all the cats in any one area. I’d like to see West Cork blanket TNRed in the next ten years. It’s a big project and I certainly won’t manage it on my own!

Animal Advocacy Will NOT:

  • Accept cats for adoption
  • Relocate cats
  • Participate in cat trapping for euthanasia
  • Participate in cat trapping and FIV/FeLV testing for euthanasia