White Screen of Death

White Screen of Death*** SORTED ***

Just a wee headsup – I’m having some problems with WordPress since I updated. The WSOD is only visible on my admin pages, so it should not affect you, as a reader. However, the site will be going through some ups and downs looks-wise over today and tomorrow as I mess around trying to fix it. In particular, images will not be displaying properly.

Please bear with us and we’ll have it sorted by Monday at the latest. Thanks!

Post-Fix Update

Thought ye might be interested in the process, so I’m included my convo with WordPress Support for your amusement. Those folks are fab and super-helpful – and keep in mind it’s a free website tool. At the end of the day, no idea what was wrong – it just randomly fixed itself after I’d gone through a process to figure out what the problem was – without actually figuring it out!

Please excuse my initial panicked intro – I was at the end of my tether!

As I say in the convo – I hate computing!

[resolved] WSOD horror surrounds me (14 posts)

  1.  animaladvocacy

    I have had problems with upgrades since before Christmas but managed to sort them with time and effort and further upgrades.

    Recently, I upgraded three or four plug-ins without really paying attention to what they were, apart from NextGen gallery. At this stage I hadn’t upgraded to WordPress 4.1.1. That was next on the list. To my horror I got the WSOD on all attempts at admin, though my site looked fine to users.

    I was relieved to find I could access some admin through wordpress.com. So I deactivated NextGen and was able to access my admin again through my hosted site http://www.animaladvocacy.ie.

    I crossed my fingers and upgraded to 4.1.1, hoping that would sort things. I reactivated NextGen. Nope. Same again. I tried a few things – some instances gave me WSOD for all admin, some for just editing/adding posts/pages. I didn’t pay much attention, sry. Practically sobbing, I then left it overnight, with NextGen activated so it looked normal to users, and hoped the problem would go away *hysterical laughter*

    Today I was going to go through the usual deactivation/reactivation of all plugins blah blah that’s recommended and I’ve done before. Before that though I was going to write a post (on the wordpress.com version) apologising for any blips in my site while I did that.

    When I tried to add an image from the normal WordPress media facility (NextGen was activated but not available from wordpress.com) I got an error message to do with JetPack (that I didn’t write down so can’t remember). So I decided to deactivate JetPack first.

    So I did. WSOD for editing/posting anything, but okay for some other admin. The wordpress.com admin wouldn’t let me reactivate Jetpack, so I did so from the hosted site. Back to WSOD everywhere. Imagine my horror when I then find the http://www.animaladvocacy.ie site has disappeared from my wordpress.com list (should I have known that would happen?) and I can’t deactivate anything – I can’t do anything. I am defeated.

    Prior problems towards the end of last year with upgrades included WSOD with editing/adding posts admin, but everything else was fine. At the time I did the activation/deactivation etc thing (from your forums – a standard fix) to no avail. After a few weeks of intermittent attempts at a fix, I was about to bite the bullet and pay my hosts to fix it (my site is for voluntary animal welfare work I do so don’t really have the money to spend on it). And it sorted itself – yay! Might have been an upgrade, but seemed to fix randomly.

    As far as I can see there’s sod all I can do at this stage – recently I’ve been doing my backups through wordpress admin using WordFence and have no idea how to reinstate previous version without it.

    I’m going to ask my hosts to fix as a result and, of course, pay the resulting fee. I’m partly posting this just to let ye know that WordPress has been a mostly great facility for me – I have been very grateful for it, and I’m sorry I’m probably going to give up on it as a result of recent problems. Unless someone can wave a magic wand.

    I’ve a background in programming – 7 years worth around twenty years ago when C++ was just coming in – so have been an okay amateur till now. As a result I know I should have been more careful noting what things I tried had what effects and can only apologise for being so vague. Hope at least some of this makes sense to the gurus.

    Thanks for your time.

  2.  animaladvocacy

    PS. I emptied caches and tried both Chrome and Comodo Dragon.

  3.  ForumModerator

    Are you able to login now? You will need to deactivate ALL plugins – if not in the Dashboard, then using FTP or Cpanel access via your hosting company. Rename the plugins entire folder here:

  4.  animaladvocacy

    I haven’t logged out. But I can’t access any admin pages to deactivate anything. Is the problem. Cpanel access hadn’t thought of – can deactivate by moving directory to backup, yes? *headslap* Sry brainborked as a result of this.


  5.  ForumModerator

    Cpanel access hadn’t thought of – can deactivate by moving directory to backup, yes?

    Just rename the plugins directory.

  6.  animaladvocacy

    yup – on it – now back to my original problem – I’ll let ye know how it goes. Lunch breathing deeply first.

    Thx again.

  7.  animaladvocacy

    Okay, initial reactivations – both JetPack AND NextGen Gallery cause WSOD on all admin pages. I tried NextGen with no other plugins activated and I’d a few things activated when I tried JetPack. I’ve a pile of other stuff to do so am going to activate everything, so at least the site looks ok to users, and come back to it later today or tomorrow. Any suggestions welcome in the meantime.

    Should I close this topic and open in both JetPack and NextGen forums instead?

    I also found some chocolate, which helped enormously.

  8.  ForumModerator

    Yep, if you’re having problem with JetPack and NGG, post in those forums with a link to your site. BTW, is this on a default theme? It sounds like maybe your theme has issues?

    And yes, chocolate is always good :)! Especially with coffee!

  9.  animaladvocacy

    No – wait – that’s too weird – I just activated NextGen and there’s no problem. JetPack still deactivated. Gimme a mo and I’ll try activating it again.

  10.  animaladvocacy

    It’s on an Artisteer 4 theme from a few years back – leave it with me. I’ve got to do other things. I’ll come back and try and figure out what’s going on later and repost wherever’s appropriate. When I’d the similar probs before Xmas I tried the default WordPress themes and it didn’t make a difference. Haven’t tried that yet here. Can I leave this open till I come back to it or would ye prefer it closed.

    Maybe it’s the decaf coffee – I’ll make a proper pot when I come back and see if that helps 😉

  11.  ForumModerator

    Sure no problem, but just a thought that an outdated theme may have issues, so if you continue to run into problems, do go back to switching to a default theme to see if the problems exist there. Both JetPack and NGG will ask you to do that as troubleshooting.

  12.  animaladvocacy

    I just activated JetPack and it all works fine. WTF??? I hate computing. This is why I left it back in 1995. I’ll close this and open something else if it goes bellyup again on a whim.

  13.  ForumModerator

    Yeah, websites are just weirdly cranky sometimes :)! Glad it’s in a good way this time, anyway.

  14.  animaladvocacy

    Thanks for being there. You folks are fab 🙂

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