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The image at the top of this article is from the USPCA‘s hard hitting advertising campaign to appeal to the Northern Ireland public to be aware of the tragic consequences of puppy farming. The image is distressing because puppy farming is distressing.

Kingdom Cat & Dog Rescue (KCADR) just got a phone call from a very upset lady who saw a advert on donedeal for Maltese puppies for sale. Herself and her sister arranged to go see the puppies and was told that the apartment where the pups are is hard to find. So arrangements were made to meet at a local store Tescos. They bought the pups and were given a vaccine card and told the pups were vaccinated. Within 2 days unfortunately both puppies got very sick. They were taken straight to the vets and unfortunately died. The advert is still on donedeal. *WARNING* DON’T BUY. Please share – this lady paid €200 for pup and now a vet bill of €350 – and a great deal of emotional distress. And her sister who bought a pup as well.

I wrote this article for KCADR’s webpages and am reproducing it here.

What You Can Do

  • Don’t buy companion animals online.
  • Don’t buy companion animals at all – adopt from a rescue!
  • If you know a puppy mill – report to ISPCA
  • If you do buy online and the animal you buy is sick – report to ISPCA
  • If you buy or adopt a companion animal always check where the animal came from. Don’t buy from markets or pick up the animal in a car park – visit the home or rescue centre and make sure you’re adopting from a reputable organisation or individual.

Buying from a Breeder

First of all – Don’t buy from a breeder – adopt from a rescue! But if you’re still thinking of buying from a breeder …

from Rescue Animals Ireland

  • The majority of reputable breeders do not advertise in classified ads on the internet and in newspapers. Check to see if the breeder has multiple breeds for sale.  If they are selling more than one breed, walk away! Check with the Irish Kennel Club for a reputable breeder.
  • They create ‘designer’ breeds by mixing dogs and creating odd names like “cavachon” (Bichon Frise / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix) or “puggle” (Pug / Beagle mix).
  • ‘Teacup’ or miniatures of a breed for sale. Teacup dogs are often dogs that were born prematurely and carry greatly increased health risks. They are prone to heart failure, dental problems, behavioral/temperamental problems and various other complications, many of which are causes of their relatively short lifespans.
  • Be wary of a breeder that doesn’t show you the area the mother and pups were kept. Ask to see the mother and if possible the father.
  • If the breeder offers to deliver a pup to your home or meet you in a car park before you have seen it at their home walk away. This is a common way for breeders to prevent people from seeing the conditions the pups have been raised in.
    The pup should come with vaccination information signed by the vet. They should also give information on food, vaccinations, worming etc.
  • It currently costs 13euro to 20euro register a pup with the Irish Kennel Club. If a breeder claims that both parents of the pup are IKC registered then the pups should also be registered. IKC will not register more than one litter a year from a dog. They will also not register pups if the mother isn’t over one year of age or if the mother is over eight years of age. They can have no more than six litters in their lifetime. This is for the health and well-being of the breeding dog.
  • Be suspicious if the breeder doesn’t ask questions of you. A responsible breeder will want to ensure that their dogs are going to good homes.
  • If you suspect that the breeder is a puppy farmer, do not buy from them. Sometimes people will see dogs and pups in bad condition and feel sorry for them and buy them. This only gives the breeder more money and they will continue to breed dogs. Instead report what you have seen. Give as much information about the breeder to your local ISPCA.

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Facebook Article Comments

This article was originally posted on our Facebook page. See related comments below (I’ve removed posters’ names, except KCADR, for their privacy):

Which ad is it?? Have they been reported? Unfortunately no point reporting to DD, they just remove the ad but buyer can report to ISPCA as I assume they weren’t chipped and then ISPCA get the seller’s details from DD.

Kingdom Cat & Dog rescue: No chip and fake vaccane cards

then I would tell buyer to report to ISPCA. They should be able to get sellers details from DD, via credit card payments UNLESS they were very clever and paid for their ad using DD vouchers which I think you can buy somehow and make you untraceable. Defo go to ISPCA. DD will remove ad only.

People will never learn 🙁 poor puppies.

Never buy a pup without seeing the parents , where they live etc, this is puppy farming at its best.

Unfortunately typical of those trying to hide the origin of their puppies…greed of the highest order

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