Walk for Fionn Jan 2014

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post the photos from the walk! Nothing new here, just a repost of the info from my facebook pages. More thoughts to come …

On Sunday 26th January 2014 more than 1500 people and their companion canines walked to support Fionn, DAWG and decent Irish Animal Welfare Legislation. An amazing €18,500 was raised for Fionn and DAWG.

I wanted to narrow my photos down to 60 but it’s just too difficult. And I’ve every intention of doing another write up soon. But in the meantime enjoy a browse.

Unfortunately, having no understanding of my camera, I managed to have the ‘pet portrait’ setting on all the time – so lost loads of decent photos to crap focus *headslap* In my write up I want to mention how fabulous the day was, how fabulous the organisers, how fab the animal welfare groups that deal with the result of human neglect and cruelty every day, the fab walkers and their fab canine companions. I’d like to mention how great it was to start at Cork Greyhound stadium – allowing us to highlight that greyhound racing is one of the main animal welfare problems. How great it was to see human guardians caring for their companions – scooping poop, keeping them under control, acknowledging the muzzling laws (that are crap but are unfortunately the law). How great to see the dogs being fabfabfab. The excellent opportunity to highlight the yellow ribbon for dogs who need space.

For myself I always welcome the opportunity to highlight how often people walk by. Animal cruelty and neglect is undoubtedly insufferable – but standing by and letting it happen is, in my opinion, just as bad. If you dont’ report, step in, speak out – who will?

Oh! And if anyone wants high quality originals (unlikely but ye never know) just message me. And if anyone doesn’t want the publicity of their photo being here, let me know and I’ll delete it.

Find out more about the walk here.

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ ~ Edmund Burke


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