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I’ve been visiting Cork CAT a few times over the past wee while – and am most grateful for Ann’s hospitality while I’ve had courses in Cork. Last visit I got some fab photos and footage of lil Bhindi Bhaji – a doralicious wee black girl, rescued from a situation where her family was decimated. With a feral mum and virtually no handling through her first few weeks of life, BB is a testament to the resilience of felines – though shy at first, she was soon playing away with my dread (portable cat toy numero uno) and demanding attention. Here’s a wee snippet:

BB’s looking for her forever home – and may already have found it! But there are plenty more kittens looking for homes, and there will soon be even more as kitten season kicks in due to those who don’t care and don’t neuter their companion and community cats. Contact Cork CAT if you’d like to give a kitten a loving home. 180,000 kittens die in Ireland each year without finding one – please spay/neuter, adopt, donate. Thank you.

BB’s Gallery


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