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Update 26/11

You might remember the wee tortie who was found by the West Lodge hotel a few weeks ago. The story’s here.

She’s doing really well. She’d a fab time in foster with Sara and has come to mine for a week before she goes for her trial week at her new home-to-be (fingers and paws crossed) this weekend.

Thought ye might like the update  Tho I’m posting far too many photos, as always. She’s sitting on my lap as I’m doing this telling me only to post the best ones! But there’s so many!!!

Update 11/10

*** UPDATE – Foster Home Found Already ***

Thanks to everyone – foster home found!

Original Post Follows:

If you have a spare room in your house that could accommodate a large cage with a tiny kitten inside – and you could foster her while she gets her strength back – please contact me here or on 085 219 6229. Bantry area preferred.

Tiny tortie baby girl found beside the West Lodge this morning. She may have traveled in a car engine, or she may have been dumped. So many kittens turning up this time of year.

This wee one was soooo lucky Michelle was heading in to the car park and spotted her right at the side of the road, soaking wet and miserable. She made life a bit difficult by diving straight into the car engine when Michelle stopped. But we got her out with some food (starving) and took her to the vets for a check.

She has a broken jaw, poor wee thing. She’s too tiny to operate on but it doesn’t seem to stop her eating, so she’s looking for a responsible foster home to care for her till we see how she does. She’ll need to be kept in a cage initially (I have a large one that can be used) and just needs an eye kept that she keeps improving.

One of her teeth had gone through her lip (OUCH!) so we’re thinking she fell on her face maybe – maybe falling out a car engine as it slowed to go in the car park?

She’s probably around six or seven weeks. She can’t be vaccinated until we know she’s well enough, so needs to be kept separate from other cats for the moment.

She’s far too small to be outside, with access to cars, so wherever she came from needs a kick in their own teeth for their neglect and needn’t bother getting in touch because they won’t be getting her back.


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