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I thoroughly enjoyed attending Lis O’Donovan’s Animal Welfare course at St John’s in Cork back in 2011/12. I learned loads (not least of which, how to deal with people). This is one of the pieces of coursework we were assigned. Well, not exactly. Lis took great delight in getting those of us leaning towards animal rights to argue for issues that we abhored. This is the only way I could find to argue for an animal circus – an animal rights circus. It’s the best I could do. Note that this circus exists only in my imagination.

Until There Are None Ltd

a member of Responsible Circuses Inc


  • Until There Are None is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status (Charity No: xxxxx)
  • Until There Are None consists of a Rescue Centre, Wildlife Park, Petting Zoo and Education Centre of many hundreds of acres, located in peaceful countryside, within minutes of Dublin. Accessible from anywhere in Ireland.
  • Until There Are None also runs a Humane Travelling Circus visiting all areas of Ireland throughout the year.
  • Until There Are None works closely with [remember this is a fantasy!]:
    • NEAS (National Exotic Animal Sanctuary)
    • Irish Wildlife Matters
    • Various children’s charities including Dublin Taxi Drivers Fund For Underpriviledged Children (doesn’t actually exist)
    • Falconers throughout Ireland
    • Animal Welfare organisations throughout Ireland
  • Until There Are None is a no-kill organisation – We do not kill animals in our care, healthy or otherwise, including those diagnosed with terminal illnesses. However, we do euthanase when a terminally ill animal no longer has any quality of life, when it is the kindest thing to do.
  • All our animals have been rescued in Ireland. They remain with us until they can be rehomed or released. They stay with us for the remainder of their natural lives if neither option is possible. During their stay they are housed and fed appropriately.
  • We have exchange programmes with other animal welfare organisations (such as NEAS).
  • We participate in humane research programmes.

Our Mission

  • To ensure all wild, exotic, farm and domestic animals in Ireland have an appropriate home and are treated humanely.

Aims & Objectives

  • To find appropriate homes for all animals that cannot survive on their own in Ireland, until there are no more animals needing rescued and/or rehabilitated.
  • To provide behavioural training for animals in need. And especially for their humans.
  • To lobby for decent animal welfare legislation and enforcement of that legislation in Ireland, with a specific focus on wild and exotic animals.
  • To increase human responsibility towards animals and to encourage responsible pet ownership in Ireland through education and experience.

Our Philosophy

  • We maintain that forcing any animal to perform for human entertainment is unethical and cannot be justified.
  • Animals (including human animals) should not be kept in an unnatural climate, unnatural social groupings nor be prevented from carrying out their natural behaviours.
  • Where an animal cannot be returned to its natural environment due to behavioural, health or other problems that cannot be solved, humans owe them a debt to give them the best lifestyle that they can be given for the rest of their natural lives.
  • Until there are none – until there are no animals in need of our care – we will rescue, rehabilitate and care for those that do need us.
  • Human animals can be educated in the humane treatment of other animals. Where they cannot be educated, legislation and its enforcement can ensure their co-operation.
  • We look forward to the day when our rescue centre and circus will no longer be needed.

Our Rescue Centre

  • Based outside Dublin on many hundreds of acres, located in peaceful countryside, accessible from everywhere in Ireland.
  • Rescues and rehabilitates wild, farm and domestic animals found in Ireland including (from donedeal.ie in one evening): dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, ferrets, etc; donkeys, pigs, goats; walabys, deer, coatimundi (raccoon family), llamas, skunk, chinchillas, degu (Chilean rodent), armadilloes, maras, chipmunks; giant tortoises, bearded dragons rock pythons, caiman crocodile, various other reptiles too numerous to mention; African grey parrot, emu, various birds of prey.)
  • All our animals have been rescued in Ireland.
  • Experienced behaviourists ensure the health and welfare of all our animals. They ensure any animals interacting with the general public are inclined to do so and that both parties are safe.
  • We work closely with various charities to ensure children, and adults, who might not normally have access to our work can visit throughout the year.

Our Circus

  • Our circus is a mix of circus and mobile petting zoo and education centre.
    • The animals that perform in our circus have shown an interest and aptitude for doing so.
    • The animals that appear in our petting zoo have shown an inclination to interact with human animals and are in no-way dangerous to the public.
    • We provide animal health and handling classes and workshops both at our circus arena and in local schools and community buildings.
    • Leaflets, factsheets, books and educational tools are available for free (though donations will be greatfully accepted!).
    • Books, educational tools and resources, gifts and souvenirs are available in our circus shop.
  • Humane transport and accommodation are always used with our animals, with due consideration to their individual needs.
  • We invite local animal handlers, animal welfare organisations and other relevant parties to schedule workshops and events while we are in town, either alongside us in our circus, or in venues throughout the local area.
  • The animals residing at our circus vary with each visit – we ensure that no one animal is put under undue stress with frequent appearances and travelling.

Our Website

  • www.untiltherearenone.ie [still doesn’t exist]
  • See our website for:
    • Opening times of our Until There Are None Rescue Centre
    • Dates and locations of our Until There Are None Circuses
    • How to arrange for our Circus to visit your town.
    • Educational tools you can use in your local educational establishments, community groups, etc
    • How you can contribute to Until There Are None through donations, volunteering your time, reporting cruelty and/or abandoned animals, working with our nationwide network of committed animal welfare individuals, etc
  • Also visit us on Facebook!!!
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