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*** REHOMED ***

Am doing a bit of fostering while Ann, from Cork CAT, goes on her holidays in France. (Can you say ‘Holidays’? I knew you could! *jealous*)

Ann got these guys from a colony in the city – and they were extremely discombobulated by the experience of being gathered together for the journey to Ann’s. Very shy, they’re warming up no end – and playing away in front of me as I type this.

I’m keeping them in a cage to settle in for a couple of days – if I don’t they’ll be hiding in corners and I’ll only end up scaring them trying to give them attention. As it is, they’re forced into my company – and have got used to it pretty darn quick. We’ll be snorgling in no time!

They really are full of Sweet! I’m not sure who is who yet, but one of the wee black guys has those fantastic round, wide eyes that melt your heart every time. I am being completely distracted by their play and chattiness so amn’t going to write much (did I hear a sigh of relief? I hope not!).

Collectively known as the Sweethearts, individually as Sugar, Spice, Honey and Fitz,  this lovely lil family are around eight weeks old and will be looking for their forever homes soon. They’d like to be homed in pairs, or with other cats, as they adore feline company. And they’d prefer no small children (who can blame them!).

Contact me, Muriel, for the moment if you’d like to get to know these guys better – they’re going to be located in Bantry for just under a fortnight. Then they’ll be back with Ann in Cork – no point in contacting her till she’s back. From France. *sigh*

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