Toffee Transport

Toffee’s a wee 6-month-old-ish poopy. He’s gorgeous inside and out. His people let him stray on the road and, unsurprisingly, he came back broken. Lucky to be alive he’d two broken legs – one a complicated fracture requiring special surgery.

His people decided not to be his people any more and Jennifer took over. One leg fixed at her own vets, Fachtna Collins in Bantry, she asked me to pop up to Liam at Midleton Veterinary Hospital – he’d be able to fix Toffee’s other leg.

Twas a bit of journey for a wee dog that doesn’t travel well. And a big operation. But Toffee was brave as anything, and it looks like he’s going to be okay! He needs weeks of cage rest to be sure he heals well, and Jen will be looking after him during that time. And, no surprise, then he’ll be looking for his forever home. I suspect it won’t take long to find one for such a snorgalicious furrball. And those eyes!!!! I had to do this wee write up so you could see his gorgeousness.


Responsible Guardianship

  • It is illegal to let your dog roam free, and you are liable to penalties, fines and a potential prison sentence if you don’t.
  • Never mind the damage to your dog, you are also legally responsible and liable for any damage done to vehicles or property as a result of meeting with your dog.
  • Letting your dog roam free is negligent.

See Indifference Strikes Again for just one reason to keep your dog safe at all times.

Cork County Council have an excellent list of Dog Owners’ Responsibilities – check it out here.

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