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How to Help Community Cats

Our TNR Manual for Ireland, a Best Practice handbook, is designed to be brief and portable, with the bulk of the supporting information easily accessible online.  This section of our site holds the information for trappers, expanding on the manual (see also our Vet Pack for veterinary staff).

An introduction and summary of the Manual - a great place to start

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Familiarise yourself with the TNR process and make sure to plan all of your trapping endeavours in advance

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Follow these simple steps to complete the trapping of the cat colony

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After the surgery, the cats need a safe place to recover and should be monitored closely

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Monitoring the Colony
TNR doesn’t end with the return of the neutered cats. The colony needs ongoing care and monitoring

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Adapted for Ireland from Alley Cat Allies Conduct TNR Guide.

Short Links

The short links referred to in the Manual itself are not yet live on Feral Cats Ireland's site. They are, however, available here. Simply replace any FCI link with[page link]

For example: for the link, instead use and you will be redirected to the information.

Watch our selection of TNR videos, as a complement to this guide.

Best Practice

Produced as part of the collaborative CATalyst project, in association with Feral Cats Ireland, and part funded by DoneDeal, our TNR Manual for Ireland has been developed to present Best Practice guidelines for veteran and newbie trappers alike. Look out for our Best Practice boxes (like this one).

For the CATalyst Project, Best Practice involves fostering partnerships with local rescue & grass roots rescuers and trappers and local animal welfare groups. We recognise that success is based on community partnerships. If you disagree with, or have anything to add to, our information don't hesitate to get in touch - together we'll strive to make TNR in Ireland the best it can be for the animals - human and feline alike!


You can download the pdf version of the Manual here:

The TNR Manual for Ireland

Presented for your delectation by Feral Cats Ireland to publicise, educate, enable and inspire TNR projects around Ireland. The TNR Manual for Ireland is also available for download on Feral Cats Ireland site and, as I type, FCI's new website is being designed. When completed it will host the expanded, web-based, aspect of the Manual. For the moment you'll find the links here (see below) - we couldn't wait any longer to launch it, hence the fudge, lol.

The design of the manual and the webpages-to-come are funded by DoneDeal Petaware project. The design itself was by Jo of NNAD - and we are immensely grateful to her for the time and expertise she's put into it - it's gorgeous!

Please let us know what you think (constructively). There are a few updates to be made on the web as it's a while since it was first written.

Note we're relying heavily on our gurus, Alley Cat Allies, who've developed world-recognised best practices for the humane care of outdoor cats. Heartfelt thanks to them for their permission to use (and tweak) their text!

We started the design of the Manual in the winter of 2012, and will continue to update these pages with information.

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Part of Ireland's TNR Manual

How to Help Community Cats

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