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So Lou and I are doing our Muriel and Louise 50th birthday Tour of West Cork. And we’re coming down to Adrigole from the Healy Pass and what do we see in the middle of the road? A wee white kitten. Without any words being spoken, Lou automatically stops the car I leap out, follow wee kitten down the wall he’s running away on and grab him. Hop back in the car, seatbelts on, off we go.

We’re in the middle of nowhere. He’s a wee bit of oil on his forehead. Maybe he’s fallen out a car engine? His eyes have traces of blue – could he be as young as 7 weeks maybe? He’s dehydrated – gulps down the water we give him. He sucks on my fingers like he’s missing his mum. We get him some chicken in Glengarriff and he scoffs it like he hasn’t seen food in a week. And when I stop feeding him he raises the roof! This wee guy is NOT shy at making his opinions known. And he miaows the whole way to Jen’s house. Though he seems very comfortable settled in my hat.

When we get there he’s popped into a cage with kitten biscuits and the rest of the chicken (see video below).

He’s called Healy (guess why). And he might be a she. He’s around 7 weeks old – gender and further details to follow after vet visit. He’ll be looking for a forever home soon. And he’ll be the one in charge, make no mistake. If you think you’d like to give this wee boy a home – get in touch! He’ll be staying with RAWR, near Bantry, Co Cork, until he finds his forever hat.



Didn’t think to take a video till we got to Jen’s – here’s a wee snippet of a hungry kitten filling his lil belly:

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  1. Must be a white kitten escape plan idea. I help out with Greystones kitty hostel we had a month ago a white female kitten found not injured just oily after travelling in van engine from Kilkenny to Dublin! Was laid back beauty loved the sofa cuddles and children. Very recently adopted by lovely couple from Dublin so tk god last week went from Wicklow to Dublin in a cat carrier!

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