The 3 Amigos

The Three Amigos

*** REHOMED ***

Update 30/7

The Three Amigos are no more – Astarielle and Oakheart have gone to their fantastic furver home. But that means lil Starbreaker is left all alone and lonely 

Starbreaker is a lil black and white mummy’s girl – a tiny, round lil thing, with the biggest eyes, who takes play time very seriously – and feeding time even more so! She is around 4 months, neutered, will be fully vaccinated and is Looking For YOU! Oh! And she just came up to insist I let you know she’s the loudest, happiest *purr* imaginable. She’s snuggled, purring beside me now.

If you’d like to find out more, contact me here or phone 085 219 6229. She’s waytin fur yoooooooooooo!

Home check and adoption fee apply.

Update 25/7

Lil bit of RL from the Three Amigos – who wants to adopt one or more of this doralicious trio? Contact me here or on 085 219 6229 if you’d like to meet them in RL.

Update 23/7

Three gorgeous kittens are looking for their forever home(s). They’re a tight lil gang, love hanging out together, and would love to hang out with you too! If they’re homed singley, they’d like the company of another animal in the house – another cat or dog – as well as the human animals! Let me introduce you…

Astarielle is a beautimous torbie (tabbie and orange) and white girl who is super-playful, but likes an arm to curl into when she’s exhausted herself; Oakheart is a doralicious tabby and white boy who loves nothing better than to sprawl on your lap and get his tummy tickled; Starbreaker is a lil black and white mummies girl, a tiny, round lil thing who takes play time very seriously – and feeding time even more so! They are all around 4 months, neutered, fully vaccinated and Looking For YOU!

They were born to a community cat in Bantry town, who was a fab mum, bringing them up very safely and well. However, they were starting to play on the road and we felt they needed to be rehomed safely. They’re a bit shy, but warm up with the help of a feather stick and warm chicken.

They are super fun to photograph and I’ve included a fair few here just because their expressions are hilariows – hope you think so too. If there aren’t enough I’ve an earlier album, from when they first arrived – check it out here.

Contact me here if you’re interested. Home check and adoption fee will apply. You can also try me on 085 219 6229.

Oh! And Oakheart just came up to insist I let you know they all have the loudest, happiest *purrs* imaginable. He’s purring beside me now.

Update 20/7

Astarialle will be looking for her forever home soon. If you’d like to apply, she has a few questions for you … Contact me here if you’d like to get to know her, and/or her siblings, better.

Original Post 6/7

The 3 Amigoes came to mine on Tuesday. They’ve never been handled. So I thought I’d keep them caged for the first wee while – so they couldn’t escape me (Mwahahahaha!).

They’re a very wide-eyed bunch. Most beautimous, curious and playful. We’re taking it slowly. They’ll play with me now, and sit right by me, but are still wary of handling. They’re all pretty much sluts for fresh cooked chicken. So all-in-all I’m hopeful we’ll see some friendly kittens looking for their forever homes soon.

Their sister Yvraine was trapped early on and has already been homed. In the process she was named after a character in Warhammer, so I’m tentatively following up on that with her family. In the following photos it’s my pleasure to introduce to you *drumroll* the most beautimous torbie, Astarielle; her lil black & white sister, Starbreaker; and their timid tabby n white big brother, Oakheart. Prepare to meet thy DOOM!

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