The Right Thing to Do

You may remember I posted about stray animals, specifically wandering sheep, a couple of days ago. With the research I did as a result, and the feedback I got, here’s a summary of what to do when you find stray farm and/or companion animals wandering on public roads. See the original article here.

Best Practice

  • Do something – don’t just drive by.
  • Always report the sighting to the Gardai. Tell them any markings on the animals, their location and what, if anything, you did with them.
  • With farm animals:
    • Do NOT put them in a field with other farm animals. You can put them in an empty field.
    • Make a note of any coloured marks on them for identification.
    • Find the nearest farm and report the strays. The residents will probably know the owners, or be them.
    • As a last resort, impound the animal.
  • With companion animals:
    • Impound the animal.
    • Report your find to your local dog warden AND the guards.

So, Did I Do the Right Thing? Not exactly – I put the sheep in a field that already contained other sheep. But I’ll know better next time!

Thanks in particular to the Irish Smallholders Association  for their feedback!

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