Tarzan & Jane

Tarzan & Jane

You may remember the wee kitten who lived in a tree, Jane, and her brother, Tarzan. They’ve grown up a wee bit and are just about ready to look for their forever homes.

They had never been handled by humans when they arrived, and remained distant for a good while. Their mum, Amber, joined them and may have been part of the reason they hung back.

These days they’ll both come up to play and Tarzan has turned into a snorgalicious purrball of silver softitudes. In fact, he will not leave me alone as I type this and is trying to do a bit of typing of his own (I’m tidying up after him). He still startles easily, but thoroughly adores headrubs, backrubs, skritches and attention generally.

Jane is still distant, but is a real softie. She snuggled on my legs the other day while we watched a movie – a first! She plays right beside me and we’ve been playing patty paw recently – so she’s slowly coming round. And she’s worth the wait. In fact, I’ve just looked up to see her sitting just the other side of me, right beside her feather stick, as if to say, ‘What’s keeping you? It’s play time!’ So I better finish this up quick and amuse her.

Both of them are soft as butter and very gentle in play.

They will need a patient home that is willing to wait to win their trust. They would prefer not to be homed with very young children. And I would like to home them as a pair.

They are nearly four months old, fully vaccinated, neutered and eartipped.

Their original post and story is here.

Contact me here or on 085 219 6229 if you’d like to know more.

Once Upon A Time

There was a wee kitten who lived in a tree
by Mother Puss

There was a wee kitten who lived in a tree
From up high, she could see any danger – and flee!
Her mum climbed up often to keep her well fed
And at night she’d miaow lullabies by her rocking branch bed

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