Summer 2013

A combination of illness among my permanent residents, followed by illness in my technologies, has meant that I’ve posted very little over the past three months. Which is not to say I’ve had nothing to post! Now that everything has calmed down a bit I’m hoping to catch up with myself and just thought I’d let ye know what’s coming. If the technology works the way I expect it to (and no guarantees on that one!) the stories should *pingback* to here as I publish them – as a result links to those stories will appear at the bottom of this post over the coming weeks.

So, what’s been happening? Jings! Where do I start? We’ve had stray dogs, fosterees, rescues, transports, networking, workshops & presentations and one new permanent resident – all in a day’s volunteering. Here, in brief, is what you have to look forward to:

  • The Feral Cats Forum in Athlone (see Feral Cats Ireland for more info in the meantime)
  • Fostering Spot the dog – for KLAWS Kerry
  • The continuing story of InkStop & Dash – and their forever home found!
  • Fostering Yogi the dog – found straying in Ballylickey, also for KLAWS Kerry
  • Collecting Samson & Delilah – two lil kittens, lost in Schull, fostered and rehomed by RAWR
  • Picking up a most beautimous Samoyed for the local dog warden – guardians found
  • Feline Welfare CPD, organised by Community Cats Network and presented in association with International Cat Care
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand … *drum roll* … our new permanent resident, lil wobbly Moe. Her story starts here, but there’s more to come …

Finally, and sadly, my David Bagglioni passed on 24th Aug after a short illness, just a month after lil Scrabble died from FIP. I’ll be writing his obit in the coming week, celebrating his short but happy life, and mourning his passing. Granny Weatherwax has been pretty ill too, but she’s soldiering on and I can’t resist doing a wee write up about her fantastic will to live.

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