Wobbly Moe, our wobbly sponsorship feline, with Dutchess

Sponsor A Companion


Sponsoring a companion is a fabulous gift to give any animal lover – including yourself!

Our sponsor companions are permanent residents or long-term fosterees. Currently our felines looking for sponsorship are:

Read on to find out more about these special felines – and how to contribute towards their care and happinesses.

  • Rodney - our sponsorship long term fosteree
    Rodney - our sponsorship long term fosteree

Long-Term Fosterees

Sometimes companions come into our foster care who take a while to be adopted – through no fault of their own.

Rodney is one such individual; FIV positive and slightly cranky, Rodney’s been with us for over a year with no sign of an adopter coming forward. He’s happy and healthy and handsome – and absolutely adorable, once he gets to know you. But no-one has shown any interest in adopting him. Poor Rodney! He’ll find a home one day, but in the meantime he needs finances for his food, shelter and medical care. Rodney is being fostered by us for KLAWS Kerry.

Find out more about Rodney at these links:

Purrmanent Residents

It’s nearly always possible to find homes for the animals that visit here, but the more sick, old and disabled – and just plain cranky – are the ones that stay. Some are not long for this life, due to age or infirmity; some are chronically ill; some have behaviour problems. Cases such as these are welcomed into our home, to live out their lives loved and cared for. Medical expenses are usually high.

Two of our purrmanent residents are looking for sponsorship.


Curly is the cutest genetic mutant ever. He’s missing part of his ribcage, his legs are cow-hocked and his eyes point in opposite directions – he’s Gorgeous! But we’re not sure what the long-term implications are of his uniqueness, and felt it wasn’t fair to rehome him when he’s such an uncertain future. Curly came to us from KLAWS Kerry.

Find out more about Curly at these links:

Wobbly Moe

Wobbly Moe has ataxia, possibly Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). It’s a bit like cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t slow her down. She has litter box problems as a result. Cork CAT asked us to adopt Moe and we gladly took her into our home.

Find out more about Moe at these links:

Sponsoring A Companion

When you sponsor one of the companions in our care, not only will you become a special friend to a companion in need but also, as a thank you for your support, you’ll receive:

  • Your chosen companion’s story and pictures
  • A sponsorship Certificate of Appurrciation

You can sponsor a companion for any amount from €20.  Sponsorship is not only a rewarding gift to the companion you choose, but also to yourself and/or your gift recipient. Sponsorships can be an alternative, ethical gift for seasonal celebrations and other special occasions like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, births and memorials.

All sponsorship received goes directly towards the medical and ongoing care of the companion you choose, unless you state otherwise.

After we receive your donation we’ll contact you to get snail mail details. We’ll then mail the sponsor pack directly to you – or to a recipient of your choice. Anyone can sponsor a companion – individuals, families, school groups, businesses, social or service clubs. Sponsor a companion today and receive the purrs, headbonks and gratitudes of your new furry friend!

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