Sharing the Animal Welfare Warmths

To celebrate #WorldSmileDay and #WorldAnimalWeek we’re going to share three of our smiles a day for seven days! And we’re inviting you to share the smiles – either ours or your own. Or both!

What am I talking about? I was recently challenged to join in a FB share promoting positivity instead of stupidity (thanks to Nadia for the excellent description!) – it simply involves sharing 3 things that have brought a smile to your face every day for 7 days – and to nominate 3 others to join in each day.

I’ve been loving it – sharing my own smiles and seeing my friends’. I’ve only seen it on personal pages, but just thought today it’s so relevant to Animal Advocacy’s Facebook page too!

It’s too easy to moan about what’s wrong – for seven days I’m going to post smiles for and about animal welfare instead – and I’m going to nominate other orgs to do the same! No pressure – but I think it’s good to spread the positivity too!

So, Animal Advocacy’s three smiles for today are:

1) MuttsComics’ World Smile Day post – these guys always make me smile – and they do Shelter Story Friday and lots of animal welfare toons – love em! And they reminded me I wanted to do this!!!

2) I got my first proper printout of the new TNR Manual for Ireland today – Animal Advocacy wrote chunks of it, and edited the rest from Alley Cat Allies, as part of Feral Cats Ireland’s CATalyst project. It’s FAB – looks soooo professional and is crammed with information on the hows, whys and wherefores of TNR. We’re so proud of it!!! And chuffed to bits. Smiling fit to burst on this one! We’ll be using the manual to promote TNR nationally, to educate and raise awareness – watch this space for events and other information from the CATalyst Project. Find out more and download your copy here.

3) Smiling remembering the homecheck I did yesterday for DAWG – it’s great to visit a home where I know a companion is going to be cared for – in this case, not just cared for, but central to the life of their new guardian. Words can’t express. If you’re not sure why we homecheck – find out all about it here.

So … who to nominate? I know everyone involved in animal welfare is busy – but I’m hoping y’all think it’s worth finding a bit of time each day to share the positivity of the work we do – and to celebrate both World Smile Day AND World Animal Week. I nominate KLAWS Kerry, RAWR and Community Cats Network – no pressure guys, thinking this is a great way to publicise the Good Stuff. Hope ye like the idea and can find the time!!!

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