Scrabble’s Medical Nightmare

Scrabble, tiniest of the Dunmanway Mountain kittens, was held back from the UK trip because she was worryingly skinny and pale. Possibly just a heavy parasite burden (defleaed and dewormed) but worth keeping an eye on.

A few days after her siblings left, she was returning to a normal colour and was putting on weight. Looking good.

So she goes back to the vets on Friday for her booster jab and a check up. Fine for jab, bit of an ear clean. Still looking good. Obviously the ear-cleaning bothered her a bit and she’s scratching her ear a fair bit on return.

About 9pm that night I look where she’s been lying beside me and see blood. WTF? Where is she? Out in the hall, scoffing her food … blood all over her paws, tail, running down her face. I can’t remember ever having a bleeder before – scared the shit outta me and no mistake. But, give her a clean, she’s got no wounds – it’s all coming from her ear, though I’m not sure where. Stick lampshade on kitten pronto, ring vet and get advice, and thank the deity of your choice for Jenni, who comes round, gives Scrabble another clean, sorts out some clotting agent. Fingers crossed.

But Scrabble’s ear still has fresh blood the next morning, ARAN Cork Rally 2011 day. So Scrabble heads to the vets for a stay while I’m out chanting and marching with the best of em. By the time I get back the bleeding seems to have stopped. She was clotting but we think she kept opening the wound with her scratching, despite the lampshade. And no-one can find out exactly where she’s bleeding from.

So she’s got the lampshade for a few days. And hopefully it’ll sort itself out. She simultaneously has a humungous reaction to her booster jab – a large lump on her back. And she’s gone all pale again after losing so much blood. FFS! So she’s not a very happy camper, poor wee thing.

She’s a wee reminder that every mangled cat you see is not necessarily a cruelty case. Some ill cats do actually have guardians who are treating them.

Anyway, she’s scared me half to death and I thought I’d share the fun with you. Aren’t you glad?

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