Remember Me Thursday – 24th Sept

Remember the fabulous initiative Remember Me Thursday? Started by the Helen Woodward Animal Centre in America, it’s an adoption drive with a difference – and with international relevance. Your participation is key to promoting companion animal adoption from shelters and rescues – and saving lives!

What does it involve? – lighting a candle on Remember Me Thursday, September 24, 2015 and spreading the word. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Remember Me Thursday, adoption, tools for the campaign, what you can do and to remember the companion animals who didn’t make it – and those who are still waiting to come home.

Remember Me Thursday

adapted from Remember Me Thursday

Join the Pet Awareness Campaign That Promotes Pet Adoption

Remember Me Thursday™ is a worldwide coalition of companion animal adoption organisations, celebrities and people like you, who raise awareness about the plight of millions of orphan companions around the world waiting for forever homes.

By lighting a candle on Remember Me Thursday, September 24, 2015, you are remembering those companions who have lost their lives – but you are also shining a light on orphan animals in need of homes right now.

Light Up the World For Orphan Pets

Learn how you can light up the world for orphan companions as an organisation or as an everyday animal lover. They need YOUR voice – let’s extinguish the needless killing of companion animals together!

Originating in America, countries from as far away as Australia and Japan are lighting candles and raising awareness for the orphan pets in their communities – and Ireland is joining the international campaign. Be sure to connect with Remember Me Thursday™ Luminaries – a special set of celebrities who pledge to shine a light on the plight of orphan companions on September 24th.

Needing inspiration? View the official Remember Me Thursday campaign video featuring “It Will Be Me” by Kristin Chenoweth from her album “As I Am” on Sony Masterworks.

Why Adopt?

I’ve certainly written several articles explaining the issues of overpopulation in the past. But I need to introduce it here, so please excuse me if I repeat myself!

Ireland’s companion animal overpopulation problem is not open to question. An average of eight dogs were killed every day in Irish pounds in 2014. Thanks to rescues and public awareness raising, like the Remember Me Thursday initiative, this is a huge improvement on the forty five killed daily in 2005. But it’s still too many.

There are no national stats for cats, but it’s estimated that 180,000 kittens die annually in Ireland – and that figure doesn’t include adult cats!

There are multiple solutions to overpopulation that are all needed to solve the overpopulation problem once and for all. These include population control through neutering and spayingTrap Neuter Return and adoptions from rescues rather than breeders; decent legislation; enforcement of that legislation, and; more than four ISPCA inspectors.

This campaign focuses on adopting from a local rescue – need more reasons? Find out here.

All the Resources You Need

Remember Me Thursday’s site has all the information and materials you need to participate in the awareness raising campaign.

  • How to get involved: light a candle, virtually or in reality; organise a candle lighting ceremony in your community; publicise on social media
  • See who’s involved in your area
  • Join the campaign
  • Be inspired! Find out what other organisations are doing here
  • Bring Remember Me Thursday into the classroom with the Teacher’s Kit – a downloadable pdf
  • Use #LIGHTFORPETS to share your thoughts and feelings about the importance of pet adoption and encourage others to spread the word about Remember Me Thursday
  • See the celebrities who’ve signed up – check out Jackson Galaxy‘s support video for starters

We’ve produced a Remember Me Thursday cover picture for you to use on Facebook – see it on our facebook page and feel free to download it here (76kb) and use it on your own.


You’ll find Remember Me Thursday’s Facebook profile image in our gallery, below, to download for the day itself – 24th September.

Remember Those Still Searching

Flare and his sister, Raze, have been looking for their forever homes for over a month now. He, and thousands like him around Ireland, are worried they will be forgotten. They want to share the slogan Adopt! Don’t Shop! until there are none – no unwanted animals waiting for their home, or for their last, awful journey to the vet.

Check our links pages to find your local Irish shelter. And check our adoption pages to find your heart.

In Memoriam

We work with no kill shelters so, thankfully, have never had to face the deaths of healthy companion animals. But we’re not always in time to save the companions left to fend for themselves. There’s so many lives that have passed needlessly because of overpopulation. We want to honour them all here, but we can’t include all the stories.

You’ll find the animals we remember with love in our In Memoriam pages– some were lucky to find a forever home before they passed, some not so lucky.

This year we remember with sadness lil Healy. Not even two months old, lil Healy was found in the middle of nowhere near the Healy Pass. Too young to be out unsupervised, it’s likely she unintentionally hitched her way there in a car engine. She went downhill rapidly and was dead before the week was out. Far too short a life – responsible guardianship could have ensured her survival.

In particular we’d like to highlight stories that hold lessons for us all.

  • In Indifference Strikes Again we talk about the poor wee stray dog, with no tag or microchip, who asked everyone in the busy Bantry square to help him find his way home – and was killed on the road because nobody did.
  • Similarly, Noce’s story tells of a kitten who could have recovered from his illness if some samaritan had stopped and taken him to a vet. But no-one cared enough.
  • I Could Never Work Here, from an anonymous kill shelter worker, highlights that worker’s agony and anger over the work he does – and that an apparently caring public can let this killing happen over and over again.
  • Inky found her forever home, and her final year was filled with bee-like swarms of happinesses before she passed due to old age. Inky’s story highlights the necessity of microchipping to ensure your companion can find their way home if they stray.

Remember Me Thursday Gallery

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