Curly came to us in February 2014. His family were heading off to the UK to find their forever home. But lil Curly decided to stay with me for a while. He’d a few physical problems we wanted to check out before deciding his future placement. Turned out he’s a mutant. So he stayed.

Welcome Curly!

From Feb to Mar 2014


Settling In

To June 2014. With guest appearances from Moe and Dutchess.


Curly’s Videos

Out of the Box

Curly, Dutchess and Moe negotiate box use. Note Moe has a wobble because she has ataxia.

Music: Out of the Box theme tune.

Apologies for the overbrightnesses.


Curly & Moe, the Wiggle Walkers

I put together this rather, I confess, self-indulgent video in an effort to show wee Curly’s ‘cow-hocked’ legs. There’s one tiny clip, ‘Nothing Happening Here’, where you might get an idea.


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