The Mercurial Retirement Home

I’m rather enjoying the company of the three auld girls I have resident at the moment, Inky, Miss Tipsy & Granny Weatherwax. Inky’s heading to her home in London, UK, in a few weeks. The other two are permanent residents – and they’re all so similar in temperament – absolutely adorable, snorgalicious and a wee bit doddery. I’m pretty sure they’ve all been companion cats to someone at some point, then strayed or dumped, and finally rescued. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence how similar they all are, or if it’s a factor of old age for felines that they turn into the most adorable creatures, grateful for any attention and lavish in their affections. They have various afflictions between them – bad sight, bad hearing, rickety bones and muscles and limps to match. But it’s lovely to know they have a safe, warm space to see out their old age. I can just visualise them all sitting round the fire, doing their knitting, sipping their gin and cackling about the auld days in scratchy voices (not actually a reality – they all ignore each other, lol).

Truly, old cats are a joy to care for – if you’re thinking of adopting a cat, think about adopting an auld codger who desperately needs some love in their old age. They’ll repay ye in Spades!

I’ve also included our other current residents in the gallery. Dutchess and Scrabble are permanent residents, devoted to each other. And two fosterees, David Bagglioni and Barley – though I’m thinking Barley might be staying. Oops! Failed fosterer again. If anyone thinks they might find a place in their heart and home for either of these gorgeous two – do get in touch!

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