Moe joined the gang in September 2013, aged around four months. Originally Merc of the Hole in the Wall Gang, Ann, of Cork CAT, renamed them Ennie, Meenie, Mynie and Moe. And I was tempted to call her Mercurial Moe – though I can see me overusing the word ‘mercurial’. She’d gone wobbly after her first vaccination and Ann had advertised her as needing a special home. I’d just lost Scrabble and couldn’t resist. Moe filled my heart. She has ataxia, possibly Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a bit like cerebral palsy.


A wee bit shy when I met her at Ann’s, Moe was vociferous in her protest the whole way home from Cork, a very verbal kitten. She was shy for all of five seconds when she got to mine and was bombing round the place almost immediately.


Moe, Dancing

You can see from the video that she’s particularly wobbly on her back legs, sometimes you can see she has a slight shake all over – and in some shots she doesn’t even look like a wobbler. But you can also see she doesn’t let her wobbles hold her back. Enjoying life to the max, Moe dances inside AND out. [Update: Unfortunately you can’t hear the music because Lee Ann Womack doesn’t seem to support animals welfare. I’ve only just notice the audio track is muted – I’ll see if I can sort that.]


Settling In

Didn’t take long.


Getting to Know the Residents

My gang were their usual snooty selves on initial introduction to Moe. But they warmed up pretty quick. Dutchess usually fosters kittens, though she takes about a week to warm up to them – looks like that’s the way it’s going this time too.


Growing Up

Moe will be two in April – not long now. But she’s still got a kittenish look about her. Here’s some pics of her growing up.


Find Out More

There’s loads of info about cereballar hypoplasia – here some further info to start ye off:

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