Fosterees 2010


Absolutely adorable ginger and white male tiny - found wandering in the frost in Bantry. Now warm and toasty indoors.

The Cacti

Three beautimous, but fluey, three-month-old kittens from Cork - visited us courtesy of West Cork Animal Welfare Group.


Ivor, we think, was caught in a trap for several days. He had to get his left hind leg amputated but he recovered wonderfully.


Marilyn, a charming and beautiful white female cat, adopted a couple in Ballydehob one day. But asthma struck and Marilyn came to us.

Suzy\'s Qs

Found on Sunday 25th July, rescued on the 26th, these gentle wee furrballs were definitely dumped by their human caregivers. They\'re safe now though!

Various Fosterees 2010

Furrballs we fostered in 2010.

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