Fosterees 2011

Furball squatters, 2011.

Dunmanway Mountain Kittens

The farmer brought these six three-month-old kittens in to Brookpark Vets in Dunmanway to have them all killed. We shouldn\'t have taken them in. We\'re just encouraging him not to neuter. But we did.


Jack wandered into Bantry House grounds in April 2011, looking for food and attention. Strayed or dumped, he was delighted to find safety with us.


Lexx was rescued by AHAR in Killarney from their local pound. He\'d been siezed from his \'guardians\' because of neglect. He was emaciated.


Gorgeous lil kitten.

Various Fosterees 2011

Furrballs we fostered in 2011.

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