Fosterees 2007

Fosterees who b&bed with us in 2007.

Coffee Gallery

The Coffee's are a great example of the brownness of malnutrition - and the blackness of health!


Lil Arty Kitteh.

Kingston Concentration Camp Victims

Our first TNR. The farmer didn\'t look after the domestic animals at all. I was horrified at the state of the kittens. Only Goliath, Judo, Timmy and Cleo survived.

Luka & Xena

Luka lost his eye due to neglect. The girls doted on him, Xena in particular.

Tips, Bandit, Reeny & Rowan

Two pairs of kittens. Reeny & Rowan rescued from Future Forests.

Various Fosterees 2007

Felines we fostered in 2007.

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