Networking Galleries

We work with loads of animal welfare organisations – Cork CAT, RAWR, KLAWS Kerry, ARAN, Limerick Feral Cats and New Start to name but a few. Here’s some of our networking photos that didn’t fit anywhere else!


Animal Welfare Effort Snipping Off Marbles Everywhere - a networking group that do lunch while solving Cork\'s animal welfare problems.

Cork CAT

Cork CAT have been around for AGES and mostly do TNR. But they inevitably end up rehoming - and adopting. One of my fave orgs and fave people.

Friends & Supporters

Friends and supporters of Animal Advocacy and animal welfare in general.


One of my favourite rescue organisations, based in Kenmare, with volunteers all over Kerry - and Cork!

The Hairy Project

Photos from Belinda Morgan and her fab furries

Last Hope Bunnies


RAWR (Rural Animal Welfare Resources) and I go back aways. They're a local animal welfare organisation focussing on TNR and neutering.

Smallholding Ireland

My pal Lily runs Smallholding Ireland, Cloughtoberfest and a variety of other marvellous projects. She lives in Cloughjordan, Co Tipp - very central - which means I get to visit as I run round the country Talking TNR. Lots of photos as a result!


Sara, Ann & Bridie run a small-scale rescue centre near Mallow and run TNR projects in the area. Lovely bunch!


Some of the events and fundraisers we've attended

Home Checks & Rehoming

We sometimes do home checks and advertise rescues for rehoming for other organisations. Here's some of those pics.

Lost & Found

Sometimes strays around town end up stopping or travelling with us - here's their pics!

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