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In Memoriam June 2011 – 20/7/13

Scrabble, tiniest of the Dunmanway Mountain kittens, was held back from the next UK trip because she was worryingly skinny and pale. Although she improved, she remained a small, rather sickly looking cat and I decided to adopt her, rather than looking for a home for her. She was a great addition to the family – friendly, playful and approachable with everyone – human, feline and canine alike.

Scrabble & Thrombocytopenia

Oct 2011 – Scrabble’s medical nightmare. Scared me half to death and thought I’d share the fun with you.


Scrabble Update

Dec 2011 – Lil Scrabble’s palled up with the Duchess – and discovered COAL – Yay!


Scrabble’s Drinking Problem

Scrabble’s determination to drink out of a glass, rather than a cat bowl, has amused me for some time. So I managed to catch a few of her efforts on film for your delectation. Her lil drinking problem comes at the end … hope you enjoy!


In Memoriam June 2011 – 20/7/13

My lil Scrabble was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitus) in mid June 2013. She had the wet form, which is terminal. She was given meds to maintain her quality of life, but went downhill. She was euthanased on the morning of 20th July. Just over two years old, her life was way too short and she is so sorely missed.


Scrabble’s Memory Lives On

When I posted Scrabble’s memorial again, a year after her death, Shannon Johnson got in touch to say she’d a wee feral, if not exactly the spit of Scrabble, at least very like her – could she name this wee one Scrabble? Of course I said yes – with a tear in my eye, but a very happy tear.

Photos by Shannon


Video Namesakes

I noted that Shannon’s feline gang included a few wee grey furrballs and couldn’t help but mention that Scrabble’s family, the Dunmanway Mountain Crew – all happily rehomed in the UK – were named mountainy names: Scree, Stone, Smoke, Slate, Shale and wee Scrabble (who was named last). And she thought her own family would suit those names equally well. Here’s some video of the funs for your delectation with text intros from Shannon.

Little ferals relax and contemplate the positives of civilization … like string!


For all that she is wild and unsocialized, little Shale truly cannot help herself. 


Cloud is a second generation true feral, trapped three nights ago. This is day 2.5 of her socialization. She’s a talker…and also a biscuit maker.


This is Cloud, second generation true feral, on Day 5 post trapping.


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