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All we can do is remember them, tell their stories and hope to whatever gods are out there, if any, that humanity can learn to be humane; can learn to care for and respect all the living things we share this amazing miracle of a planet with.

Please be aware some people may find some of the images of ill and/or neglected animals disturbing.


Larry’s a big, handsome, affectionate ginger tom with whiskers to die for. He came from Abbeyfeale where his guardian was unable to cope with her colony of 14 cats. If she’d neutered the original pair she wouldn’t have had a problem. So she passed her problem on to poor Larry. It transpired Larry had a chronic sinus problem - he stayed with my while we tried to get it sorted - and eventually he made a brave trip to Gilabbey in Cork for an operation and further investigation.

Granny Weatherwax

Granny came to us after she took up residence in a friend's shed. She was in dreadful condition and FIV positive. So we decided not to look for a home for her - but to adopt her ourselves.

Inky aka Gasket

Inky is an auld yin, 15 years old. She was found in a car engine in Dunmanway in Feb 2013. She\'d been lost and alone for a long time. Through her microchip we found the girls Inky had grown up with - now in their twenties, living in London. Inky\'s going home.

David Bagglioni

Black Is Beautimous!


My lil Scrabble was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitus) in mid June 2013. She had the wet form, which is terminal. She was given meds to maintain her quality of life, but went downhill. She was euthanased on the morning of 20th July. Just over two years old, her life was way too short and she is so sorely missed.


Thistle was run over on 12th October 2012. He was hardly even three. Born feral he would have hated a life indoors. Loved him to bits. Am gutted. 2009 - 12/10/12

Joe Bones Brown

Joe Bones Brown was euthanased at home on Tuesday 20th March 2012. He\'d broken his spine back in November 2010 and seemed to recover well from it, despite nerve damage. But the nerve damage worsened and he started going downhill towards the end of 2011. The vets said the kindest thing was to euthanase him and I took him home with me for a few days to spoil him rotten. He is sorely missed.


Skrootchie was a stray who arrived at my backdoor in June 2009. He had pillow paw and tested positive for FeLV. He threw off the FeLV in three months, but had kidney failure as a result of his poor condition. He lived with me till his death on 13/11/11. He\'s sorely missed.


Rescued by me, handed over to a local animal welfare organisation for rehoming ... and rehomed with me three weeks later, Shapoloh was an unintended addition to my family. And one of my first lessons in the abuse and neglect animals in Ireland are subject to. No digital camera in those days, so no cyewt kitten pics. Shapoloh was euthanased, peacefully at home on Thursday 19th August 2010. She is sorely missed.

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