Animal Welfare

Images relating to animal welfare and animal rights issues, including activism and protests.

The Ugly Side of Animal Welfare and the Rewards

We\'ve had lots of casualties through our doors. Some have happy endings. Some not so happy. In nearly every case there was no need for the animal to suffer so much. Every illness you see here could have been prevented altogether (through vaccination) or could have been easily treated before it got so bad.

Breed Specific Legislation

Images relating to BSL


All about the importance of neutering.

Activism & Protest

Images of activism & protest in the name of animal welfare and rights.

Did I Do the Right Thing?

Sheep wandering on narrow roads in danger of becoming road pizza. I put em in a field. Should I have?

Animal Welfare

Images relevant to animal welfare and animal rights.


Roll up! Roll up! Get your animal welfare statistics here!

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