Moe the Pin-up Kitteh

Just a lil soundbite so I can share a picture of lil, wobbly Moe my poster kitteh. You might remember her story from way back – she has ataxia, possibly Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). It’s a bit like cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t slow her down.

And, because she has a tendency to sit in the window, I put up a poster about the condition so that people seeing her wobble wouldn’t worry about her. And then she, very conveniently, posed beside it the other day. You can see the pic in her gallery, below. So she gave me the opportunity to put a few photos together of her growing up – she’s nearly two!!! Where does the time go?

Her original post about CH is here. And you can see the full size poster here.

Moe Growing Up


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    • Me too! She’s got a lovely expression – partly because of the ataxia I’m guessing. She’s very independent tho, doesn’t snuggle much. So Curly gets more attention of the two – he’s just totally stolen my heart, with his camp wiggle. The two of them make a great pair, lol.

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