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I originally posted the MnMs’ story on Facebook, as I was in the process of updating the site and couldn’t post here. Three kittens had been dumped at Melanie’s remote house, very underweight – but super friendly. I’d gone up to get them, and Jennifer had taken them in. Within days, three more kittens turned up at Melanie’s and were added to the mix. All were very skinny and all were female. We can only presume someone dumped their overflow at Melanie’s rather than neutering (the humane and legal option). Despite their ordeal, all the girls are super friendly and the family as a whole is snorgalicious. They’re about eight months old – and it’s a miracle none of them were pregnant.

Una, the healthiest and in the best condition, has already been homed. But Sheila, Grainne, Nuala, Orla and Aoife are currently residing at Jennifer’s, near Bantry. From these photos you’ll see they’ve put on a bit of weight – but they’ve a ways (or weighs?) to go. They’ll be looking for their forever homes when they’ve stabalised. By that time, they’ll all be neutered, fully vaccinated and treated for parasites.

At Jen’s they’ve been joined by another black beauty and a dinky wee black and white – both rescues. I forgot to note their genders – but will find out soon enough! And I’ve to get more details on the black beauty [Update: Details of Tuck here]. I think the dinky babe is around four or six months – he/she fell out of a bus engine (you heard me) and one ear was so badly damaged it had to be removed. You’ll see from the photos there’s a little bit of conjunctivitis, but well on the way to recovery. And hopefully you can see the wee one’s a total dote. More on these two soon!

If you think you might be interested in these, or any of the felines in Jen’s care, call RAWR on 086 844 3244. RAWR is a voluntary animal welfare organisation and they are not always available to answer, but if you send em a text they’ll get back to you.

Note: If you know of anyone who lets animals get into the state these girls were in on arrival – and/or anyone who dumps their animals – please, please report them to the ISPCA (1890 515515). Neglect and dumping are both illegal and subject to fines and a possible prison sentence. If you don’t report them – who will?

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You’ll see from the pics the family are housed in one of the larger kennels at Jen’s. There’s indoor and outdoor spaces, connected by a cat door. The cat door gave a nice frame for some of the pics. Both spaces have climbing trees, toys and comfy spots.

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