Miss Tipsy Settles In

Miss Tipsy, our latest permanent resident, has been with us just over a week now. She’s got her own separate room until she gets her FeLV booster (I’ve a stray FeLV, Hobo, who sleeps in the house at night) and she’s settling in really well. I let her out with the FeLV-free guys at night for a few hours. And the other day she had a wee wander round the house while Hobo was out gallivanting. You’d think she’d been here for ages – not a bother on her. She found the laundry cupboard (nice and soft and warm) but decided the comfy sofa in the kitchen was her best bet (as most of the cats do).

Unsurprisingly, she’s already made a positive connection with Bray, Barley and Scrabble – they’re very friendly, outgoing felines who could be considered to be my ‘meeter-and-greeters’. And she’s exchanged hisses with Dutchess, Granny & Dave – not the most approachable of cats, though Dutchess tends to warm up with a bit of time and respect.

She’s getting her booster on the 28th and I’ll get a few more photos of her when she’s finally free to roam. Will keep ye posted!

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