Little Girl Lost


Hannah just gave me a shout – wee JRT girl lost on Bantry square at around six o’clock this evening. Hannah was just heading out on the bus and could I take the wee one in till we figured out what to do with her. Of course I could!

The wee girl’s brown and white, as you can see, quite young, slightly watery eye (but that could be from stress) and very, very friendly. She’s a bit wary of the cats – and when you see the pic of Curly‘s reaction you’ll see why!

Not sure if she’s a dump or a stray, but she’s in good nick – not starving by any manner of means – and very people friendly. She hopped into the footwell of the passenger seat of my van like it was routine, she’s good on the lead … and I’ve as yet to see if she’s housetrained or not.

Anyone recognise her? I’ve let the guards and the dog warden know – neither have had any reports of strays – and Jen’ll be in town later so we can microchip check. Little Girl Lost’s got a collar, but … guess what? No tag.

Would you ever please collar and tag your companions to save folk time and money when they stray. And microchip in case the collar/tag gets lost. You’ve five days to reclaim your dog, after which they’re the property of the dog warden. Depending on the county you’re in, that could mean death. This isn’t new, it isn’t rocket science, it’s illegal not to tag, and soon it’ll be illegal not to chip.

Give me a shout if you recognise this wee girl and let’s see if we can get her home.

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