Lexi’s Waiting For You!

Lexi’s waiting for you to hurry up and come adopt her! She’s a most beautimous calico, around one year old, neutered and fully vaccinated. She’s very shy, but once she trusts you she’s a purrnuzzlefest extraordinaire.

I’m fostering Lexi for KLAWS Kerry. She came to me from Shannon of Animal Rescue South Kerry on Saturday and I’ve been making her acquaintance over the past couple of days – the experience has been thoroughly charming. In fact, she’s making kitten eyes at me as I type this and distracting me altogether.

She hid initially – though, if I reached towards her she’d headbutt my hand enthusiastically *nuzzle* *nuzzle* but nervously at the same time. I was going to leave her to decide when to come to me – but was getting a bit bored at the lack of results. So today I reached into her hidey hole and gave her a few chin skritches – I really should have persisted with this approach sooner! Two seconds later she was playing with the mouse-on-a-string; another two minutes later and she was sprawled beside me marking me as her human with nuzzles and headbutts. She still dives for cover when I come in the room, but she’s really desperate for a friend.

We don’t know her life story. We do know that Lexi recently strayed into a house called ‘Roma’ (she was initially called Mary Roma) and was crying day and night wanting to come inside for about a week – but she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. So KLAWS were called in and trapped her for neutering. My guess is that Lexi had humans loving her and playing with her as a kitten … and then losing interest.  Poor Lexi! So, unsurprisingly, she’s a bit confused about our species. But she’d love for someone to love her again. Could it be you?

If you’d be interested in getting to know Lexi, give me a shout and we can arrange a meet.


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