Lexi Wants to Play!

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Lexi joined me at the end of July to be fostered for KLAWS Kerry. Over a month later and we’ve not found a home for her yet. I thought I’d share some more information with you and, fingers crossed, we’ll find her a home soon when everyone realises how gorgeous she is.

Lexi’s also appealing to everyone to join in with Remember Me Thursday – remembering all the companion animals who didn’t find their forever homes and those, like Lexi, who are still waiting. Light a candle on 25th September for Lexi. Even better – adopt her! Make her day!

She was a very shy girl when she arrived, and had obviously reasons to distrust humans. At the same time, she’s equally obviously known love at some point, because she loves snorgles and isn’t in the least bit feral. Something has happened to make her so wary and she’s warming up very quickly now she knows she’s safe.

Initially she’d hide whenever I entered the room – but if I extended my hand into her hiding place she’d nuzzle enthusiastically. With a bit of encouragement she’d come out and sit beside me. But she’d still startle easily, and flee if I stood up or moved suddenly. I tried introducing her to Curly early on too – but she did the whole hissy-face, arched back thing, so I didn’t push it.

When Lexi had been with me for a month, I brought both Moe and Curly, my youngsters, into her room to meet her. Because of her earlier reaction, I’d been worried she wasn’t going to warm to other cats. Imagine my surprise when she rushed up to Curly enthusiastically – she’s obviously been bored to tears on her own and is now just desperate for a friend or two. Much entertainment was to be had (see photo gallery below), as neither Moe nor Curly were impressed with her enthusaisms.

Since then Lexi’s been allowed out round the house and has met everyone. She’s found Larry to be the most approachable, but the youngsters are warming up and I caught Curly playing with her earlier today. When he noticed me he immediately pretended it wasn’t happening. I can only conclude he’s reached the teenage boy stage *sigh*

Lovely Lexi would be tickled pink to find her forever home. She needs someone who’ll take the time to get to know her. And she’d love felines companions – so long as she’s formally introduced. I don’t know what she’s like with small children, but I’d imagine she’d find them rather alarming and would prefer more mature human companions. She loves to play and purr and snorgle, and has been sleeping beside me the last couple of nights as if she’s never been stray.

Could you find space in your home and heart for her? She’s currently based with me in Bantry. Contact me if you’d like to meet her. She’s waiting to hear from you!

Video – Lexi Likes to Play!

She loves play and snorgles. Here’s a video if you need convincing.


Meeting the Gang


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