Larry’s Trip to Cork

*** WARNING – some people might find Larry’s post-op pics a bit uncomfortable ***

Larry would like to send an incredibly warm thank-you headbutt and *purr* to all at Gilabbey Vets for looking after him so well on his two night stay there – and special snorgles are sent to vet Megan Parker Kenny, vet nurse Sinead Kavanagh and receptionist Niamh Treherne. Despite initial mix-ups with times and costs, these guys really pulled round for my lil affectionate foster fella, gave him the best care ever and gave him lots of discounts because of his rescue status.

I am always hesitant to ask for discounts from vets when I don’t work with them regularly – I’m well aware they must get asked all the time and I am always put in mind of the most EPIC reply to the ‘if you don’t treat my pet for free then you don’t love animals’ argument – go read it if you don’t understand why vets don’t do everything for free. Suffice it to say, the discounts were hugely appreciated by myself, Larry and KLAWS.

Larry is also ever so grateful to everyone who donated towards his treatment – at least he will be when he feels better!!!

What’s the Story?

Larry Goes to CorkYou’ll remember our appeal earlier in the year about Larry and his somewhat snotty condition? Well, Larry and I travelled up to Cork on Wednesday to stay the night at Ann’s (of Cork CAT) so we could get to Gilabbey and his early morning appointment easily.

As it turned out, I’d to stay an extra night as Larry was kept in for a second flush on the Friday morning. So thanks are also due to Jenni, who checked on my guys back home at the last minute. All in all I had a grand break – I seldom get to see Ann – and I don’t foster teeny kittens anymore (just fully vaccinated ones) – so I had two great evenings sorting the world out with Ann, and one great day taking photos of kittens (some of whom are looking for their forever homes – check em out!)

Larry did not have such a fantastic time though. He’s been very snotty recently as we’d not to treat him so that Gilabbey could see his condition at its worst. So he’s been blowing bubbles out his nose, bless him, and feeling pretty grotty. And that’s not going to improve for a couple of days yet. He had microsurgery – two wee holes drilled in his forehead to give Megan access to the top of his nose to allow her to give him a good flush out and take samples and scrapes to find out what might best help him get better. As a result his nose is a clean as it will ever be, and we’re waiting on the results before we know what antibiotics to give him. And, poor wee soul, he’s going to be on antibiotics for six months. Yup, you heard me right.

In the meantime he’s got the cone till Fachtna Collins, my local vet, takes his stitches out – prob next Friday, or the following Monday. Larry hates the cone. We’ll hear about the antibiotics this week some time. I’m going to keep him in for at least a month to be sure he gets the first lot of antibiotics without a break (he sometimes visits other folk overnight – he has a fan club). And he hates not getting out. And I’ve to keep him away from Barley, who also has a chronic sinus condition. Barley’s probably one of his best mates. So Larry is Totally and Utterly Miserable at the moment. And for the foreseeable.

He’s getting Vicks rubbed on his collar to clear his wee nose; he’ll be getting Lysine rubbed in his mouth (only way to get it in him as he only eats dry food); he’ll be getting antibiotics to deal with the infection; and Loxicam to deal with the inflammation. But it’s not forever. And if this doesn’t work the vet will advise euthanasia because he is so uncomfortable with the snots. So six months is not very long when contrasted with dead.

It is basically looking like my house is not the best place for Larry for his treatment. I have too many other cats with various illnesses that could put him at risk (I keep the ill cats that can’t be rehomed usually). He’s not happy being shut in one room, or upstairs, which would have to be the case here, to avoid contact with the others. So we need to find him another foster home – or forever home! If this treatment works he may well have a long, healthy life ahead of him. If it doesn’t, he won’t. I’m not sure if anyone would adopt under those circumstances. KLAWS would pay for vet treatment while he’s in foster.

So … I’m thinking I’ll post an appeal in the coming days – looking for a foster home for Larry. He’s the most gentlemanly puss – very headbutt-affectionate. He likes his own space, and likes to go out on walkabout and visit the neighbours. He likes the company of other cats, loves dogs and is great with kids. In fact, he’s really quite perfect – except for his FIV positive status and his current treatment regime. He’ll need daily antibiotics and lysine; and regular Loxicam (he loves his Loxicam) and Vicks and/or Eucalyptus inhalation. And lots of loving.

In the meantime, if you or anyone you know might be a fit for fostering Larry please, please, please get in touch to talk it over and see if it might work. Thank you so much!

Larry’s Appeal

We still haven’t quite taken in the costs of Larry’s treatment. If you are able to donate he will send a grateful, but somewhat snotty, headbutt in your direction.

If you can donate even just a small amount, it will help us reach our goal of €500.

Visit KLAWS’ donation page and click the donate button to help Larry breathe clearly again. Don’t forget to mention Larry’s name when you donate!


Gallery from the Trip


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    • Larry sends ye lubins and very gentle headbonks back ozcatmum – his head’s still a wee bit sore to be giving enthusiastic headbonks – won’t take long tho

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