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I’ve fostered a few cats for Kingdom Cat & Dog Rescue (KCADR), based near Kenmare, Co Kerry. I’ve worked with Sabine and Jackie, the management, for several years starting when they were running KLAWS with animal transport, fostering and writing their enews. Recently they were looking for a revamp on their webpages – and it’s given me great pleasure to help them out with that! I designed their new site on WordPress using the lovely Canard theme.  

Check it out here! And see the sneak preview below:

Home Page

KCADR is a small animal rescue, formed early in 2015, and dedicated to helping as many unwanted and stray cats and dogs in Co Kerry as possible. Their directors have been heavily involved in animal welfare since 2005. Find out more about them here.

I’ve done a few websites on WordPress for animal welfare orgs I work with, some are better than others – I’m no expert! Check em out:

And I’ve done a couple of websites for friends:



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      • Tickety-boo thanks Murriell. Your good self?

        Maggie (aka Little Pushk) has settled in really well and is still especially generous with her head butts. She gets on great with the new dog, bemusing the poor creature by weaving in and out of her legs, tail erect, caressing her face. It’s really something to behold.

        • Well that defo sounds like a photo is needed! 😀

          All grand here – the sun fair makes a difference! Got some good photos of the gang in the sun on Saturday and hoping to get round to posting that in the near future.

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