Saffy & Michaela

Introducing …

… two new feline fosterees, staying with me for a while to recover from losing their guardian and fending for themselves for a few months.

They remind me of feline friends of mine from years gone by – Granny Weatherwax and Inky – tho they are much younger – around 6 years we think. Both are female, already neutered and eartipped.

I am thinking of calling them Keep Me Safe, Saffy for short, the tux girl; and Help Me Heal, Michaela for short, the tabby and white.

Their human died earlier in the year and seems to have left no provision for them. They are part of a colony of five – I’ve only found four. They have been fed intermittently by a neighbour since their person died, and were looking the worse for wear when I first visited them. They’ve been at the vets for a few weeks, so are much improved from then. They’ve put on a bit of weight and condition.

Michaela had a horrible, untreated injury to her jaw – we’re waiting to see how well it will heal. And Saffy has sight problems – not entirely blind, but not far off. They seem to adore each other – Michaela headbonking & nuzzling Saffy when I first visited them was partly what won my heart.

Obviously we can’t return them as there’s no-one to care for them. So they’re staying with me till we see how they do. And, hopefully, we’ll be looking for a home for them in the future.

They have been outdoor cats, with access to the conservatory of their guardian’s house. We’re still assessing them, but I suspect while they’re wary of strangers, they will friendly up with whoever feeds and cares for them. I’m keeping them caged for a few days, and will then give them the run of the kitten room. I am bribing them with chicken and dreamies at every opportunity and look forward to gaining their trust.

I wasn’t actually asked to help them – I was asked to ‘get rid of’ them’ as they were ‘bothering’ the neighbours. The same neighbours said they ‘didn’t want to poison them’ – a phrase guaranteed to piss me off. I don’t respond well to blackmail and I can’t help every cat needing a hand. But my heart went out to this poor colony – left to fend for themselves for so long without anyone helping them in any meaningful way.

I will post more pics later, but wanted to introduce these ladies in the meantime.

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