Introducing Moe, Dancing

Moe, my latest adoptee, was originally brought in to Cork CAT from Clonakilty (see story here). Lil Moe got the wobbles after her first vaccination and needed a special home. I couldn’t resist.

You can see from the video that she’s particularly wobbly on her back legs, sometimes you can see she has a slight shake all over – and in some shots she doesn’t even look like a wobbler. But you can also see she doesn’t let her wobbles hold her back. Enjoying life to the max, Moe dances inside AND out.

The music – Lee Ann Womack, I Hope You Dance – hovers on a knife edge of twee. But I love it just the same, and it seemed apt. 

Moe has a form of ataxia – she doesn’t have the control over her body that most kittens do – in particular her hind legs are weak and don’t behave the way she expects them to. Her left leg is the worse and you can see her listing to the left in some of the video shots. She also sometimes exhibits a slight all over wobble – when she sits ‘still’ she waves slightly backwards and forwards. In all other ways she’s a perfectly normal kitten – her appetite is great and she’s as full of beans as the next furrball. Though her high energy and typical kittenish lack of care does worry me a bit – she bombs round the place, quite forgetting that her balance isn’t quite right – and ends up crashing into walls, or misjudging jumps. So far she hasn’t damaged herself – but I’m keeping an eye to be sure!

Moe isn’t going to get any better, though with time she may adapt more to her disability – and, fingers crossed, she isn’t going to get any worse. Though she may not live as long a life as most, and she may have problems as she gets older, I find it hard to credit that it’s so difficult finding a home for such an engaging and deserving puss. If you’re thinking of adopting – do consider a special needs cat like Moe. The rewards are ineffable.

Moe has helped in no small way to heal the ache in my heart left by Scrabble‘s passing. I find great inspiration in this brave wee kitten, and I’ll continue to update you with her pictures and progress. I hope she inspires you too!

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