Inky Says Ohai!

Inky’s a very verbal auld puss. She likes attention at regular intervals throughout the day, and if she’s not sure where I am she’ll call me till I turn up. She’s a wee bit deaf, her sight’s not great and she’s a tad rickety on her feet. But that doesn’t stop her enjoying life.

I thought ye might like to see her at her most verbal and have put a few clips together that allow her to tell her tale.

You’ll note she’s off in a world of her own at the beginning of the first clip – hasn’t heard me come in atallatall. She’s a bit stiffer in the second clip, bless her. In the longest clip, in the honey coloured room, you can see her testing her next step with her paws before committing to it – showing her lack of sight. And in the clips with her gazing directly at the camera you can see how dilated her pupils are. The earlier clips are from longer ago, nearer when she first joined us – and you can see her coat and general condition improve with time. She ends with a gentle ‘Goodnight’, settling down for her afternoon nap on the printer.

The snotty noises in the background in the outdoors clip are coming from Larry the chronic snotrag. Say no more.

Inky’s a real character, as you can see. Always chatty, full of purr and very content (when she’s not nagging!).

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