Injured Seagull

How to Help Strays & Injured Wildlife

*** WARNING: Photos of injury possibly disturbing ***

Injured seagull spotted several times in Bantry today, now safe. Sadly, so badly injured is likely best to euthanase.

Just to add – when/if you see a stray/injured animal – or any animal you’re concerned about – it’s great that you report it – so many people don’t. But it’s really important to stay with the animal until someone turns up who can deal with the situation. This poor soul was reported at least twice – once to me and once to Jennifer at The Veterinary Clinic, Bantry. In both cases, by the time someone turned up to the sighting spot, the bird had gone. So s/he’s been in pain all day. And the condition of the injuries suggests s/he’s been in pain much longer.

It’s the same with stray dogs. 98% of the time someone calls me, the dog has disappeared by the time we get there. If they’d waited, and followed the dog, or even taken them home, we could’ve helped.

Picking up a seagull is defo not for the faint hearted – I’m crap at that sort of thing. And I defo wouldn’t advise anyone trying it without advice. Big thx to Timothy David, who got the bird into the drop cage safely. And to Jennifer at the Vet Clinic, who is making sure the seagull gets the best care possible – and the new graduate vet, whose name I didn’t get!

I mean no offense to those who report without sticking around – I know it’s not always possible to stop. But to give effective help it’s really important to stay with the animal you’re concerned about till help arrives.

NOTE: Binding a bird’s beak is for vet staff ONLY. Please do not try this at home!!!!

Try this useful link if you see birds needing help – fab info.

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