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A couple of weeks back I took four animals to their three forever homes for RAWR – and it gave me a great excuse to go visiting at the same time. Thought I’d share the happy travels photos with you – and three happy endings in one!

First stop was Macroom with Morris (now Woofy), heading to stay with the couple that adopted Harry a year or so back. Harry needed company – and Morris is it. Morris has been stuck in a cage, waiting for a home, and didn’t enjoy the journey very much At All *bark* *bark*. As soon as we’d got his collar and lead on, and let him out the van, he was straight up to Mr Ellen’s dad’s legs and glued to them like he knew he was home. Fair put a smile on my face – the wee dog instantly bonding and saying ‘Mine!’. Mrs Ellen’s mum gave me chocolates, biscuits and soda for the rest of my journey, so I was grinning ear-to-ear when I set off on the next leg. Tis a great home for the dogs, and Ellen, their daughter, keeps me posted on how they get along – she’s a mate of mine from Cork CAT (and that, combined with my crap memory, explains the naming conventions, if you were wondering).

Next stop was Limerick with Mossy & Zorro to see Cormac, an old mate of mine from long since. Haven’t seen him in years, so it was a great excuse for a catch up. The boys jumped out their carry cage and claimed a couch each within about five seconds. Bombproof kittens, best mates with each other, and now best mates with Cormac. So I stopped for a quick cuppa to see em settled in and then headed off to Lily’s in Cloughjordan.

Lily’s one of my best mates. She’s one of those women who never seems to sit down and gets a gazillion things done at the same time. Amongst many other things, she runs the Irish Smallholders Association and, unsurprisingly, has a smallholding herself. She also runs Cloughtoberfest – Ireland’s one-and-only Gypsy Jazz festival that runs in October – well worth checking out.

Lily was short a barn cat, so Logan was coming up to keep her smallholding pest-free and also to keep her barn-cat-in-training, Sascha, company. Logan was not too happy about the situation and spent the night under Lily’s bed in disgust. Much to his chagrin, but for his own good, he was kept in for ten days to be sure he knew he was home. And then he was set free – as is fitting for a semi-feral cat. He’s lurking around the barn and eating his heart out and, with time, is expected to friendly up a bit. Lily, quite rightly, isn’t rushing it. Another winner!

Bottom Dog Theatre

Bottom Dog Theatre

Lily, her son Rusty & I visited Cormac and the lads again the next day when we were down in Limerick for a performance. We’d more time to stop and chat – and to marvel at how quickly Mossy & Zorro had settled.

We’d gone down because The Bottom Dog Theatre were having a ‘Rehearsed Reading’ of Noel Coward’s Post Mortem, directed by Martin Maguire, a friend of Lily’s from Cloughjordan. Not exactly animal welfare, but I thought ye might be interested. We didn’t quite know what to expect and were very pleasantly surprised by a terrific performance. It turns out that, for a rehearsed reading the gang turns up in the morning, rehearses all day, and presents the play that same evening. And it was FAB! There’s a wee write-up on it here; and check out their FB page for what’s coming up. I highly recommend them!

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