Guardian Found!

Remember the delicious wee tabby that came knocking at mine earlier in the week? We found his guardian just up the road. Newly moved in, great at removing his collar and neutering appointment booked, the wee lad’s first adventure outside led him to my door. And when he didn’t go home I assumed he was dumped – oops! Easy done I’m afraid. I’d asked around neighbours and the local shop but no-one knew anyone with a similar cat. Your one is new to the area and didn’t know who to ask. She popped an ad up in the vets today and so tabby has found his way home.

Fortunately said guardian was intending to neuter and vaccinate so is happy to pay the vet bill and isn’t cross with me at all. Makes a change, lol. He’s off with a new collar too – and we’ll see if it’ll stay on for a while. Lovely lad, very delighted to have his family back. Happy endings all round!

Needless to say, if you’re letting your feline companion outside at all it’s best to neuter, vaccinate, collar, tag and microchip. Neutering means they won’t wander as far, are less likely to get into fights – and definitely won’t be the cause of any more unwanted kittens. Vaccination means they won’t catch any of the main nasty nor terminal diseases from other cats. Collars mean folk know your cat belongs to someone just by looking at them and a tagged collar (or one of those clever ones with a flap you can write your number on) means you can be contacted if there’s any problem. Microchipping is especially appropriate with cats as they can lose their collar and tag in a variety of ways. So many lost cats never find their way home because rescues have no way of identifying their guardian. Inky’s story is a great example of microchipping doing its job. And if your puss does go missing there’s a variety of people who’ll help – see our Lost & Found pages.

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