Granny’s Progress

Granny Weatherwax came to me around 12th Sept 2011. She was in a pretty rotten state – skanky, skinny, arthritic, one eye black with a bleed, FIV positive, affectionate as anything. She’s staying. And I thought I’d track her progress. Hoping she’s gonna clean up and have a few years left in her. So far, so good.

Thought she was never gonna look healthy. Still not there but … we’d put her on painkillers because she’d got a wee bit of a limp. And suddenly she started filling out and cleaning up – she looked a wreck for weeks and weeks before that (see earlier photos). So we reckon there’s maybe a wee bit of rhematism there – the pain killers have turned her into a different cat. And she now has the energy to piss in the hall instead of the kitchen. Joy. We’re keepin her on the painkillers till the new year and then … vet check.

Of couse she’s still not using a litter tray. Gnf.

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