Forever Home Sought – Erin

A wee reminder about lil Erin, who is still looking for her forever home. Scroll through the whole album to find out more about her. PM us here to find out more, or call 085 219 6229.

Erin is a 10-week-old tiny, bouncetastic tuxedo furbaby from Bere Island. She was found on her own at 5 weeks old and is still missing her mommy.

She loves Everything! Snorgles, playtime, tickles; cats, dogs, kids – anything that moves in fact; exploring, chatting, snoozing. She has been spoiled rotten by a variety of fosterers and has no idea how the word ‘no’ could possibly apply to her. Because she still misses her mom, she still tries to suckle – this will apparently stop with time, and in the meantime she has a wee blankie for comfort.

Erin will be fully vaccinated by the time she is homed. She is still a bit little to neuter. She is currently located in West Cork and is willing to travel – heck she LOVES to travel, just like she loves everything else – for the purrfect home. She would love a home with other companion animals.

Contact me here or call 085 219 6229 to find out more.

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