Where can I get my dog/cat/rabbit/other animal neutered in my locality?

If you feel uncomfortable about neutering your companion animals please check our Neutering pages to find out why it’s so important to neuter.

The top ten reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered were killed in shelters last year.

Finding a Vet

The online Golden Pages seems to have a fairly comprehensive listing of veterinary surgeons, eg.:

Note, however, that it isn’t completely comprehensive – there’s more than 2 vets in Bantry and surrounds, for example. So, do check your hardcopy Golden Pages too!

Personally, I’d ask friends and neighbours to recommend a vet, rather than just picking one from the internet listings.

Also note that you’ll need to make an appointment with the vet for companion animal neutering – don’t just turn up! The vet will let you know how to prepare your animal for the visit and care for them afterwards – for example, they mustn’t eat anything for 12 hours before surgery.


For dogs, there is a subsidised neutering scheme available for low-income families through the Dog’s Trust. You can get more info at their neutering hotline number – 1890 946 336. By ringing the number you can find out if you qualify, and also what vets are participating in the scheme. And if your vet isn’t already part of the scheme, you could always ask them to join it! You should only be charged €20 for the neuter.

For cats normal vets fees are: €60 – €75 for a male; €70 -€100 for a female. Until recently we tended to neuter kittens at 6 months of age. But we’ve found that cats are getting their first pregnancy younger in recent years and have started neutering at 4 to 5 months.

Some vets will allow you to pay in installments if you’ve not got the full fee to hand. If you’re worried about finding the fee it’s well worth asking an installment plan is possible!

Keep in mind the fees for neutering are a comparatively small amount when compared to the cost of caring for litter after litter of kittens or puppies – or the moral cost of neglecting or killing them. And it is worth checking with local vets if they are involved in a subsidised neutering scheme. Unfortunately not many are – but with your encouragement more might join!

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  1. i am thinking about getting my 10 month old terrier nuetered can anyone tell me whats involved and would she be in much pain afterwards

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