I would have guessed that Bruce hadn’t had any or had minimal training before he came to me. But he’s a quick study, loves the attention training gives him, is food orientated and is very eager to learn. He learned ‘Sit’ in about three lessons. He comes when he’s called – so much so that I let him off the lead when we went walking in the country – but I put him back on it when other dogs were around, just to be on the safe side. He hasn’t learned ‘Lie Down’, mostly because he seems to think I’m giving him a row when I try that one (see pic) – don’t ask me why!

He did jump up enthusiastically in greeting, and to get attention, when I first got him. Since he did this gently, I didn’t object immediately. But I’ve been discouraging him in recent weeks, and he’s getting the idea – though he’s not there yet. A bit of consistency and he’ll stop soon enough.

For a collie cross (usually very attention seeking) he’s surprisingly good and quiet – though he does come looking for attention (and prefers to be by my side at all times), he’s very good at sitting quietly when I’m busy.

Basically, Bruce is very trainable and will engage in training sessions with enthusiasm.

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