The Beaches – One Month Later

But the Beaches were incubating the FIE virus (Feline Infectious Enteritis – the best link I’ve found is here) – a deadly virus that is a nightmare for shelters. Two of these lovely felines, already compromised with flu, exhibited symptoms of FIE and died within days. Luckily the four remaining cats survived and have gone from strength to strength.

They’re still getting over the flu and will not be 100% healthy for a while. But they’re looking for their forever homes just the same. If you think you might be interested, do get in touch with me.

I was hoping to take a few more from the hoarding situation, but it was not to be. Too late for 60 beautiful, friendly cats whose guardian said he loved them, knew them all by name, but didn’t actually care for them. RIP little ones.

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