Socialisation at Justina’s – Luka

Luka – what he’s like in a new place

by Justina

He is very timid and shy. He does like to be petted and will purr on contact but I find that he will break the contact as soon as he can. I think that he is just a slow adjuster and finds new environments very hard to handle. He adores Xena and she is the strong confident one of the pair. His real personality shines out in play when he is mischievous, fun loving and gentle. Unlike Xena he prefers cat/cat play while Xena likes cat/cat, cat/human equally. Also unlike Xena it is better to approach Luka (when he’s in an easy to reach location that doesn’t involve chasing him) and pet him, as, as soon as he feels the contact, he likes it. It’s also good for Xena to hear him purr, so the sooner he settles the better for both of them.

He likes his food and I encourage him to come right to the bowl by letting him and Xena sniff the packet before I put it in the bowl and I chat to them a lot as I put it in their bowls. This builds trust and good feelings towards the ‘food source’!

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