Luka & Xena

Luka and Xena quickly became a pair after meeting, primarily at Xena’s instigation, and I’d recommend they remain together. Both are very wary of humans at first but have quite different personalities and require different approaches, as Justina has highlighted. I’d just like to add a coupla recommendations and comments…

When they first move in with you I’d recommend confining them to one family room where you tend to spend most of your time. This way they’ll get used to your presence quicker than if they have the opportunity to avoid you. Both are very food oriented so titbits will be good motivators once they’re settled. Both will almost definitely be timid for at least a week, maybe longer. It seems to me it’s new places that freak Luka out more than people (it took him a week to get used to a new room) so he will be very nervous with both new environment and new people. Xena just plain doesn’t trust people; she’s more outraged than scared.

With Luka, approaching him and petting him from day one will be effective. With Xena there are two approaches and I’ve no idea which’ll work best. As Justina suggests, leaving her to make up her mind about you is well worth it but it may take a while. If there are more than one of you adopting her it might be worth one person trying a second approach simultaneously – handle her for at least fifteen minutes a day. This involves wrapping her in a towel if she’s growly, holding her on your lap and petting her while talking softly to her. She may end up hating you for it, she might tame quicker. I’d explain the options in more detail but it’s getting late and this is already ridiculously long. If you want to talk to me about it you can contact me. I can give you Justina’s contact details if you’d like to get advice from her.

I could be wrong but I think these kittens would be nervous of children and would be best in a child-free household.  They’ll both need patience and time to get to know you.  But once they trust you you’ll find it’s well worth the wait as they’re both lovely, soft pusses. Luka’s timidity is especially amusing as he’s a huge kitten. Cowering doesn’t suit his physique but at least he gets over it in time.  He’s more of a besidethelap cat in that he’ll stretch out, belly up, along the side of my legs.

If you adopt either of these kittens I’d really love to hear how they get on so do, please, let me know how they fare!

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